I want to share the basics of Ayurveda, starting with food, the foundation of a healthy life. What diet is right for you? It’s not about counting calories, it’s about choosing the right food, the right herbs and spices, the right time, combinations and techniques. Ayurveda nutrition is fun, delicious, and nourishing. And once you know what is good for you, Ayurveda nutrition is simple. It all starts with knowing yourself. From that awareness, and with some education, you will naturally change your behaviors.

We start with food. Food is the foundation. But Ayurveda is way more than that: it is a lifestyle, a way of existing in the world, a sense of connection with nature, a higher consciousness. It is fun, sensual, and spiritual. It’s a whole system, a big toolbox. It’s a framework to design a new lifestyle!

I believe that we are all on this planet for a purpose. Sharing what I have learned with as many women as possible is what I feel my dharma is — my life purpose. Ayurveda has changed my life: my digestion, my energy, my mood, my sleep, the way I make big & small choices, my sex life, and my spirituality. It has given me a framework: a set of tools that I use to create alignment and balance in my life. Those tools are here for you too.

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