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Thank you SO much for considering supporting the Nourish and Shine podcast! This is truly a labor of love. I am a team of one. I record, edit, and publish each episode myself. I began the podcast as a way to be able to share my love of health and nourishment with women and am thrilled to see it continue to grow.

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Guest Appearances

Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Feature:
The Medical News of 2012

Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Feature:
Pharmacy Advances

Dr. Zuleta’s Podcast:
How to Get Off Medications

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AIHM Webinar:
An Intuitive & Functional Approach to Nourish Mind, Body, & Spirit

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Stress Summit:
Developing Our Stress Management Skills

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Diabetes Free Summit:
Optimizing Supplements for Diabetes

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Raw Fork Podcast:
Full Spectrum Health with Functional Medicine Pharmacist Dr. Amy Sapola

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