Mindful eating chewing digestion Amy SapolaRecently, I interviewed a guest for the Nourish and Shine Podcast (coming out in July) and she mentioned during our conversation the importance of actually chewing your food (not in a diet culture, chew each bite 50 times sort of way but) in a mindful way that breaks your food into smaller pieces allowing it to better nourish your body.

That night I went home and thought “I wonder how many times I chew each bite on average?”….and anyone who knows me knows that I’m all for self inquiry and experimentation….so I began eating supper. “Wait! I just swallowed my food after 2 chews. Then I tried again, 5, swallow”. I was blown away by how little I was actually chewing my food even though I knew it was important and was already following Mindful and Intuitive eating practices such as being present (turning off the TV, not scrolling on my phone), and taking a few deep breaths to get relaxed prior to eating (or sometimes when I’ve already started eating and remember ;), but actually chewing somehow had become an unconscious process for me over the years.

I invite you to explore with me, how many times do you chew your food prior to swallowing?

I have found that by simply counting in my mind while tuning into my senses of sight, smell, and taste more enjoyment of the food that I am eating. I love the word “savor” which we also talked about during the upcoming July interview. Savor is defined as “to taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely.”

Although the word savor is so simple the definition is profound and leads me to consider how being mindful of chewing and allowing myself the gift of time to truly savor a meal providers greater enjoyment and nourishment to my mind and body.

Dr. Amy Sapola provides a practical approach to Whole Person Wellness through Culinary Medicine, Mindful Eating, and Connecting with Nature. 

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