This statistic from the EPA blows my mind. Time in NATURE (especially without electronics) is so healing! It’s been shown to help with mental health, blood pressure, stress reduction, and so much more….

Starting with small changes can make a big difference.

Take a walk outside at lunch, eat a meal outside, plant a patio garden, read a book outside, visit a new park…there’s so many options! What you choose isn’t important, it’s taking the time to connect with nature, to breathe, and to relax feeling appreciation for the beautiful and miraculous world around you!

“…one of the most important things that any of us can do for ourselves, those we love, people throughout the world, and the living systems that support us all is to connect with nature. That connection can start in the simplest of ways, beginning in childhood and renewing through all the stages of life. It can take many forms, and occur in many ways. It requires places and spaces for people to connect with nature’s richness and complexity from backyards to apartment rooftops, on city streets and rural roadways, on school grounds and in urban neighborhoods, from wild protected areas to urban parks. Connecting with nature helps to bring us all peace and good health, and provides the foundation for resilient, healthy ecosystems, communities, and economies to thrive and remain for generations and generations to come.”

(Quote from the report “Home to Us All: How Connecting with Nature Helps Us Care for Ourselves and the Earth”)