Have you ever wanted to slow down, breathe, and step deep inside yourself to take an

honest look at your life and where you’re headed? Do your daily routines and habits create

more chaos in your life? Do you want to gain clarity and accountability to consciously

navigate life’s ups and downs? Do you want to define your goals and take the steps to make

them happen?

Most of us get knocked off our chosen paths at some point. It’s what we do in such moments

that determine our fate. In 1997, Jon Chandonnet was twenty-seven, a semester away from

completing his Master’s Degree at MIT, with a job offer from a promising startup Sapient. It

was then he received the diagnosis that changed his life: Multiple-Sclerosis. Shell-shocked

the diagnosis almost knocked Jon down and kept him from the life he wanted.

Instead, Jon chose to become more conscious and intentional about life. A decision that put

him on the path of VIBRANT living. He discovered the Seven keys to generate a VIBRANT

life: mind, body, spiritual, emotional, professional, financial, and social – which lead to greater focus, purpose and clarity for all who search for a more VIBRANT, fulfilled life. Jon’s goal is to leave people with a clearer and more grounded perspective on their desired life and how to make it happen. His passion is to inspire others to transform life’s chaos into ordered clarity.

Jon is also author of the acclaimed memoir Shadow Summit.



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