Hello, my name is Laura Burr. I am a registered pharmacist and a

homeopathic practitioner.

I attended pharmacy school at Drake University and received my BS in

Pharmacy and MBA in 1995.

I found out about homeopathy in 1998 and have been studying this

fascinating and intriguing healing modality ever since. I attended the

Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy and graduated in 2002 and

completed Louis Klein’s Homeopathic Master Clinician Course in 2010

My mission is to apply my knowledge of both Homeopathic remedies and

Western allopathic medicines to bring a complete circle of health and

wellness to my clients, and all those who seek out homeopathy.

I am the past President of the Minnesota Homeopathic Association

and am seeing clients at my office in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood in

Minneapolis, MN.


2600 N Wayzata Blvd

Minneapolis, MN 55405


(612) 207-8057



Facebook @brynmawrhomeopathy

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