Big River Kombucha is the passion project of Matt and Jessica, husband and wife and kombucha tag team!  After years of dreaming of owning their own small business, Big River Kombucha was launched in the Mississippi River Valley of Minnesota.  Big River Kombucha is a reflection of our joy for life, and focus on health and wellbeing.  Each product is hand-crafted with a lot of care, flavored with only local honey, tea and botanicals, ensuring you get a tastes good and good for you product that isn’t artificial.

Matt is the mastermind of product creation, having his Master’s Degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences and years of experience working in commercial production environments. Matt’s attention to detail and high quality expectations ensure our kombucha is exceptional each and every time you take a sip.  Jessica has her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and tackles the daily administrative elements of operations.

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