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Mindful Ways to Eat, Love Your Body, and Live with Joy: Interview with Lynn Rossy, PhD | Nourish and Shine Podcast

This month I truly loved the conversation I had with Lynn Rossy, PhD. about mindful eating. I hope you will enjoy! Here is Lynn Rossy's bio: Lynn Rossy, Ph.D. is a health psychologist specializing in mindful eating and living. She developed a ten-week, empirically validated Eat for Life class that teaches people to eat mindfully and intuitively, [...]

Monday Meditation: Tuning Into Your Senses

This week I'd love to share with you one of my favorite meditations that I first learned from Emily Fletcher with Ziva Meditation called "Come to Your Senses." I hope you enjoy this quick meditation (less than 8 minutes) and that it helps you tune into your body by noticing each of your five senses: Sight Taste [...]

The Gift of Nourishment: Chew and Savor

Recently, I interviewed a guest for the Nourish and Shine Podcast (coming out in July) and she mentioned during our conversation the importance of actually chewing your food (not in a diet culture, chew each bite 50 times sort of way but) in a mindful way that breaks your food into smaller pieces allowing it to better nourish your [...]

Trauma Informed Yoga Interview with Gina Hartman

Gina is a registered yoga teacher who strives to inspire hope and courage while cultivating connection and empowerment through her yoga teaching, workshops and trainings. As a trauma survivor herself and a mental health advocate, Gina's joy and passion is to bring others into whole-person wellness and healing and assist them in the discovery of who they [...]

Tuning Into Your Senses to Begin Mindful and Intuitive Eating

My relationship with food is ever evolving (and far from perfect) but has improved in the last few years as I began working more with Mindful and Intuitive eating. Right now I am working on a certificate program through the Center for Mindful Eating and will be interviewing Lynn Rossy, President of the Center for Mindful eating [...]

Body Image, Yoga, and Femininity Interview with Erica Mather

Erica Mather was born in Madison, Wisconsin in 1975, and grew up swimming, playing the piano, and reading books before, during, and after school. When her father died at the young age of 56 (she, 23), Erica realized that life is short and it’s best to quickly get on with the business of living it in alignment [...]

Dr. Amy Sapola provides a practical approach to Whole Person Wellness through Culinary Medicine, Mindful Eating, and Connecting with Nature. 

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