Jenn Krusinski, CTNC

Holistic Health + Hashi’s + Life Coach

Empowering women to seek and find their whole health potential, with and BEYOND Hashimoto’s; to inspire and create the lives they want to love — on their terms; and to always be expanding by standing in their power and speaking their truths.  

The majority of women I work with today are beyond wanting just the protocols and being told what to do. They are ready for more, they can feel what’s possible, they are ready to allow their diagnosis to push them into who they are meant to BE.

I’m on a mission to empower women  to demand their labs, get the diagnosis, and then…hear the message their body is longing for them to hear, decide they are NOT their diagnosis, allow the diagnosis to crack them open so they can become who they really are. I show women that that health is not just about what they are doing, but more importantly, who they are BEING.

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For those newly diagnosed or who are wondering if they have a thyroid issue:  my website has a symptom checklist, labs checklist to bring to your doctor, and the top nutrients to ignite your thyroid and metabolism.

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For newly diagnosed who resonate with me, AND more directly for the women who have been dealing with this for a while but feel like there is MORE to healing than beyond protocols — who are at a pivotal point and want to create what’s NEXT — head to my website or message me on Facebook and Instagram to set up a Discovery/Strategy call.

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