I have become officially obsessed with beets. I have beet and cabbage kraut and beet kvass fermenting on my counter as I write this, cooked beets in the refrigerator and I make beet lattes most mornings.

Beets are a nutritional powerhouse they contain nitrates which are converted into nitrous oxide that opens up blood vessels lowering blood pressure and increasing stamina. Beets are also a source of betaine which protects cells from environmental stressors and decreases inflammation. Beets are rich in nutrients including folate and fiber. Betaline pigments in beets are involved in phase 2 detox which is why beets are said to purify the blood and liver. (source)

Recently, I was in Rochester, MN at Queen City Coffee and had a beet latte-if you’re anywhere near there you have to go try one, it’s amazing.

Since I’m not close enough to go there often, I started researching how I could make one at home. Here’s a video of Meghan and I explaining how to make a beet latte. Here is the beet powder that we used (affiliate link).

Below is a favorite dish I made for a potluck…super simple I boiled different colors of beets, sliced, then tossed in browned butter. Beets are beautiful, nutritious and delicious that’s why I always plant multiple colors and sizes each year in the garden!!!

Even if you think beets taste like dirt I hope that I have inspired you to give them another try!